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Our PHSE Curriculum

Personal, Health and Social Education plays an extremely important role in helping our children to grow into responsible and moral British citizens. It enables children to learn to accept differences, to solve problems, to be kind and to use manners and appropriate behaviours in a range of social situations. The PHSE curriculum works in conjunction with our school values to enable us to teach these skills in both discrete PHSE sessions and through opportunities which are embedded across our "Curriculum Fit for Knowleswood." Our PHSE curriculum has recently been updated to include more systematic and considered teaching of Sex and Relationships Education and Drugs Education.

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

Our Sex and Relationships curriculum outlines how we will teach children about different types of relationships, the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch, how to find help if we feel uncomfortable and basic sex education, including how the body changes during puberty. Lessons will take place in the second half of the Autumn Term and the second half of the Summer Term. Information about our SRE curriculum is available below.

If you would like to speak to a member of staff about Sex and Relationships Education, please contact the class teacher or Mrs Pearmain / Mr. Mallon, our PHSE leaders.

Drugs Education

in the Spring Term, our children are taught about the risks associated with different drugs and the effects on the body. Lessons begin with being safe around household chemicals in Year 1 and progress through the year groups to the risks associated with drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, which is taught in Year 6. In addition to this teaching, our children also visit the Life Caravan, which teaches about safety, risks and elements of a drugs education programme in the Autumn Term.

If you would like to speak to a member of staff about Drugs Education, please contact the class teacher or Mrs Pearmain / Mr. Mallon, our PHSE leaders.

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