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parental events

At the end of Forest Schools, parents are invited to the outdoor classroom to see what the children have been doing during their sessions and are given the opportunity to ask questions.

Some of the feedback from parents:

“I’m really happy that my son is in Forest School, he has shown great interest in Forest School, he even made a bird out of leaves and put it on the bedroom wall. I think it’s even improved his behaviour.”

“He loves Forest School he now plays out more and enjoys playing in the garden. He made a bow and arrow out of sticks and was very proud of himself and so was I.”

“He has always loved the outdoors and I think Forest School has had a positive impact on his learning.”

“I think forest school has had an impact on K, she loves playing out more and she is more confident.”

Parents have also supported our children in gardening club, helping to remove weeds and plant bulbs and seeds.