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We want our children to have a sense of belonging, not just in school but in life. Having opportunities to learn outside allows children to develop intellectually, emotionally,  socially, physically, artistically, creatively and spiritually.  It enables them to experience and manage their own risks, develop confidence and self-esteem and positive relationships with their peers through regular hands on learning experiences in a woodland environment. Through the curriculum fit for Knowleswood, we build in opportunites for outdoor learning as often as we can, which has a positive impact on the pupils learning and progress.


Children who find indoor schooling difficult can excel in an outside setting. Forest School is different from outdoor education, instead of being task led, it is led by the learner and their curiosity of the world around them and above all it’s fun! We believe that opportunities to develop forest skills enables children of all ages, abilities and interests to find special places and things to do in the woods. Opportunities are created to enable all children to experience success and develop new and better ways to communicate and express their feelings.


As part of the Curriculum fit for Knowleswood, we have identified key opportunities that the children would benefit from learning outdoors!  Mrs Sladen (Outdoor learning leader) works with different year groups throughout the year to explore the outdoors as part of their theme work; enhansing the pupils understanding of science, maths, art, geography and problem solving, while the children are being active and learning outdoors!

We have an excellent outdoor classroom provision, which is used to support pupils learning outdoors through both the curriculum and forest school sessions.