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What is phonics?

How Phonics and Spelling Skills are Taught At Knowleswood

Every class from Reception to Year 2 has a daily phonics lesson. We teach phonics using resources from a scheme called "Letters and Sounds" with actions from "Jolly Phonics. " Letters and Sounds groups sets of sounds together and tells us the order in which to teach them. These groups of sounds are called phases. The children are taught in small groups according to their phonics phase.

In Years 3-6, children are taught spelling as part of their daily English lesson. The National Curriculum provides each year group with a list of key words to learn and a list of spelling rules and patterns to investigate. These are used to plan our spelling sessions. The key words are often used as homework words for the weekly spelling test.

How can you help at home?

You can help with phonics and spelling at home in many ways:

- read together at least three times per week, and encourage your child to "sound out" new words.

- learn the weekly spelling homework words.

- use the phonics mats provided opposite to talk about how groups of letters can  make different sounds.

The documents opposite may help you to understand phonics and spelling further. They include information from our phonics parents evening, phonics mats and key spellings for each year group. 

If you have any additional questions, Miss Anderton, our phonics and spelling leader, would be happy to help.