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Welcome to Year 5!

Our Classes

Our Year 5 classes are called Redwood and Willow.

Redwood is taught by Mr. Lloyd.  Willow is taught by Mr. Swain.

Our Year 5 Teaching Assistants are Mrs Brearley, Mrs Stevens and Mrs Worby and Miss Winter.

The Year 5 Curriculum

Year Five's Spring Term topic is "Whodunnit".

Mrs Aspell went missing after the Autumn Term. Has anyone seen her? What happened to her?

Year 5 are investigating the disappearance of Mrs Aspell. They have visited the crime scene, collected clues and presented hypotheses. They are conducting science investigations each week to investigate clues in more detail. They are reading mystery stories and are basing their writing on these. They are also learning to write police reports.

They will soon be reading Gangsta Granny and learning about the Tower of London, before visiting a museum to learn about crime and punishment in the past.


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Redwood class

Willow class