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welcome to year 3!

Our classes

In Year Three our classes are called Cherry and Mulberry.

Cherry is taught by Miss Coy and Mulberry is taught by Miss Mullins and Miss Chivers.

Our Teaching Assistants are Mr. Skillings, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Fuller and Mr. Barraclough.

The Year 3 curriculum.

This term Year 3 are learning about a topic called "Survival of the Fittest."

They began their topic by finding an umbrella and some fish in their classroom on the first day back after Christmas! They discovered that these had been left by the characters in Oliver Jeffer's book, "Lost and Found.".

They are learning all about Antarctic explorers and finding out what it takes to survive in challenging conditions. They have Skyped an Arctic explorer, asked questions and written about her answers already this term.

They are learning about freezing, melting and changing state in Science, as well as investigating habitats and diets of different animals. They are researching how to hatch a penguin egg and will be writing instructions about this, as well as reports about their favourite arctic animals. They are reading non-fiction books about the Antarctic and famous explorers and survivalists.

They will end the term with a survival outdoor day, led by Phil Lowde.

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