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How we assess our children

Our teachers assess our children in every lesson through verbal questions, discussing the learning objectives and marking work produced.  We record our assessments against age related criteria on a day-to-day basis.

In addition to this, we have three formal assessment periods where children will carry out specific tests or activities that will help teachers to complete an assessment tracker. The tracker is then analysed to assess whether or not each individual child is making expected progress at the age related level. This will be reported to parents following assessment points 2 and 3. Any additional support or extra challenge for your child will also be shared at this time.

Statutory Assessments

Some year groups complete statutory assessments.

Year 1 have a statutory phonics screening check in June. This will assess whether your Year 1 child has reached the expected standard in phonics.

Year 2 have statutory assessments in reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar and Maths. These will take place in May. A portfolio of writing will also be submitted for teacher assessment at this time.

Year 6 have statutory assessments (SATs) in the week beginning 8th May 2017. They will be assessed on reading, Maths, spelling, punctuation and grammar. They will also be teacher assessed in writing.

Please note that these tests are statutory and therefore children must attend school during these assessment weeks. Holidays will not be authorised on these dates.