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We have a variety of outside agency support to help lots of our children and staff. Below are a few examples and the impact they have on learning, behaviour and well being:

  • Speech and Language Therapist - we have a number of children who have difficulties with speech, language and communication, therefore we commision a SALT to work 1.5 days a week in order to provide tailored provision that develops and improves children's abilities.
  • Animal Assisted Therapy - for individual children who may be struggling with behaviour or emotions. These are 1:1 sessions in which children can interact with animals and with a variety of toys to help them recognise and begin to manage their own feelings.
  • Learning Support Service - for children who are not making progress in an area of their learning. The specialist teachers from this team will assess and set out specific targets or interventions to help develop skills. They can also diagnose particular difficulties, such as dyslexia if this is appropriate.
  • ASD team - specialist teachers who work with children with autism are regulary in school supporting and working with our children who are diagnosed with ASD.  These children receive personalised provision, visual timetables and baheviour plans according to their specific needs.
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