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At Knowleswood Primary school we ensure that the promotion of positive British Values are at the core of all that we do. Our "Curriculum Fit for Knowleswood" promotes democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and a tolerance of different faiths, through exciting and engaging learning opportunities throughout each unit, in every year group.


We have a whole school election to select our Eco- Council members. We encourage volunteering for roles in school. This includes; Buddies, sport leaders, digital leaders, librarians and our monitors who deliver registers, snack and milk to the entire school;

Democracy is also taught through morning assemblies and in the curriculum. Some year groups study democracy as part of their topic work. For example, Year 6 discussed this when learning about the Roman Empire and Julius Caesar.

Our staff vote for the staff Learning Champion Award each year and children are aware of this democratic approach in assembly.



We set high expectations about learning behaviours and pupil conduct in and outside of school and this is stated in our positive behaviour policy. There are sanctions for displaying poor behaviour, where all classrooms have a behaviour chart allowing children to monitor their own behaviour and rectify those conducts deemed unacceptable.

Assemblies promote positive behaviour, and celebrate them during our weekly Learning Champions assembly.

Through circle time every Monday, children learn important life skills, such as, earning trust, knowing right from wrong and understanding that their own actions carry consequences.

Our local PCSO visits school regularly and has helped to teach our children the rule of law. He has worked with Reception class to arrest the very naughty Goldilocks, he has organised cyber-bullying assemblies and workshops and has talked to individuals as the need arises.


Through the access of specific funds, children are given many chances to develop a hobby and are actively encouraged to follow their interests in sport, computing, reading, dance, reading and drama.

When teaching the SEAL programme of study, it includes specific topics such as 'Good To Be Me!'

Safety is taught as a high priority, not only physical safety but online too. This is carried out via E-Safety lessons, PHSE lessons, circle times and assemblies.


Mutual respect is a high priority at Knowleswood. It is the foundations of our positive behaviour policy and is promoted highly through the school.

During circle time, SEAL and PSHE, children are taught to respect themselves as well as each other, to be sympathetic, co-operative and supportive of fellow students.

The SEAl unit, 'Getting On and Falling Out,' gives children the opportunity to explore the issue in depth.

Morning assemblies are delivered with mutual respect being the key focus.

A range of focused lessons are used at the start of every academic year to discuss, promote and complete work based around this topic.


We have high expectations that are set out in our Positive Behaviour Policy.

Children learn about different faiths and beliefs through the Religious Education syllabus, where they research about different fesivals, places of worship and their beliefs.

Our assemblies teach children about different religions and their particular beliefs and celebrations. Our children listen to those assemblies with respect and demonstrate tolerance for others.

There are resources and displays throughout school which celebrate diversity and difference. We aim to avoid stereotypes and to include a range of role models in our teaching resources where possible.

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